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About Almaty

It is no coincidence that a magnificent city at the foothill of emerald-green ranges of Tien Shan is called an orchard city. In spring, when southern outskirts are full of blossoming apples, apricot and cherry orchards, the city looks like a fairy tale. Gorgeous verdant attire and magnificent mountain view make Almaty unrivaled. Orchards, groves, parks, boulevards and flower beds cover a total area of more than 8,000 hectares in the city.

Almaty name stems from “apple” word. It is a birthplace of famous species of apple Almaty aport. Some sources claim that merchant settlement Almaty was located in this particular area, where Silk Road route used to run. Chingis Khan horde destroyed it in the thirteenth century. Verny town emerged in 1854 not far from ruins of the ancient town. The Soviet government has renamed the town in Alma Ata and it was a capital city of Kazakhstan between 1929 and 1997.

Almaty is located in the heart of Eurasia in southeastern part of the country at a height of 550-1,950 meters above sea level. Climate in the area varies from continental to subcontinental. Southern and northern edges of the city are located in different climatic zones. It is on the same parallel with the well-known cities of Gagry and Vladivostok. Almaty City with population of over 1.5 million people covers a total area of 300,000 square meters.

Almaty is a hub of science, culture and education in Kazakhstan. It hosts all largest educational institutions, renowned theaters and entertainment centers. Unique high-mountain Medeu ice-skating rink and Shymbulak ski resort are in vicinity of the city. It takes you only 10-15 minutes to reach these popular tourist destinations. Another world-famous destination is Khan Tengri camp in the Alpine zone, from where alpinists mount Khan Tengri peak, the highest in Kazakhstan (6,995 meters). more






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